Does Verizon Lte Home Internet Have a Contract

Are you considering signing up for Verizon`s LTE Home Internet service but unsure if there`s a contract involved? We`ve got you covered.

First, let`s define what LTE Home Internet is. It`s a wireless broadband internet service that uses Verizon`s 4G LTE network to bring high-speed internet to households in rural or underserved areas. It comes with a home router that connects to the internet via the cellular network, eliminating the need for traditional wired connections.

Now, onto the question at hand: does Verizon LTE Home Internet come with a contract? The answer is yes and no.

Verizon offers two pricing options for the LTE Home Internet service: with or without a two-year contract. If you opt for the no-contract option, you`ll pay a higher monthly fee and a one-time equipment fee. However, you won`t be locked into a long-term commitment and can cancel at any time without penalty.

On the other hand, if you choose the two-year contract option, you`ll enjoy a lower monthly fee and waive the one-time equipment fee. However, you`ll be required to stay with Verizon for the entire two-year term, or face early termination fees.

So, the decision ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and needs. If you`re uncertain about your future plans or want the flexibility to cancel at any time, the no-contract option may be best for you. But if you`re confident in your long-term commitment and want to save some money, the two-year contract option may be more appealing.

It`s also worth noting that Verizon offers a 14-day trial period for the LTE Home Internet service, where you can test it out and see if it`s a good fit for your household. If you`re unhappy with the service during this period, you can cancel without penalty.

In summary, Verizon`s LTE Home Internet service does come with a contract option, but they also offer a no-contract option for those who prefer flexibility. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each pricing option before making a decision.